A great RIDER is one who understands the horse, who is capable to listen to the horse and speak their language. When you ride, you have to know what that horse will allow or tolerate, and more importantly, what they won’t tolerate. A great rider must establish harmony between horse and rider, not wait for…

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I’M LOOKING SO much forward to be back in these beautiful arenas with my Stockholm clinics next month! August 8-9th at Norroby Gard and 14-15th at AP Ridutveckling. I’ve got quite a few messages from riders who are nervous to ride for me lately because they don’t think they are good enough, and it saddens…

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THROUGH YOGA we can achieve so much more, both in life but also in the saddle. Yoga gives us the opportunity to strengthen both physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives us better core strength, better balance, better alignment and overall stability and responsiveness in the saddle. To get more horse riding advice and tips like…

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AS YOU grow wiser and deeper into the beauty of creating and shaping horses you find that this process mirrors in perfection how you deal with your own life. Because when you work with a horse, you are not just dealing with the horse’s problems, but also with the problems in your life. It happens…

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ENVIRONMENTLLY conscious, too pregnant to fly and now covid locked down – so happy the online training system @ridesum exists so we can keep training together! It’s genius, and I’d recommend every rider and trainer to try it out for so many reasons 🐴🌍 Video in collaboration with Ridesum.

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